Microsoft's Windows 7 Cannot edit Registry error during upgrade



 Windows 7 Upgrade Registry Update Error During Install



The Windows 7 install will error with "Cannot update registry", then reboot and roll back all the changes it has made. You will return to your old desktop and the above message will appear, advising you to use the "Upgrade advisor".




EFFECTED: Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Enterprise when upgrading from Vista or lesser versions of 7

CAUSE : This happens because the install files, your Windows 7 DVD or your USB key containing the install files is corrupted and cannot be read by Windows.

FIX : Use a different Windows 7 DVD or medium that & install files are on to install Windows from. Re-download  install files if this is how you got them.

COMPLICATIONS : Faulty memory can cause reading errors (Run memory diagnostics from 7 Install disk), also a faulty (Or incompatible (Upgrade firmware)) DVD drive (Try using a different drive, or test by running a backup of it onto a blank DVD disk), or a BIOS that does not support 7 (You may need a BIOS upgrade, contact motherboard manufacturer or PC creator for updates).


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