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Windows 7 is the first operating system to be developed by Microsoft since Windows Vista and it is seen by many as a return for form for the firm that failed to find an audience for its previous software package. Windows 7 offers the best option for any consumer considering upgrading their current system or buying a new computer, as it is optimised to allow for smoother, faster operation, which for laptop owners means increased battery life and quicker start up times for every user. Windows 7 also offers support for all of the latest hardware and software, including DirectX 11 graphics and high definition video playback.

If you are new to Windows 7, then you will probably find that the feel of the software is similar to Microsoft`s older operating systems. As such many of the basic keyboard shortcuts that have been present for years are still available, including Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for copying and pasting content. However, there are a few neat tricks that you might not be aware of, so read on for a quick overview of some of the most useful Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts.

In Windows 7, the Windows Key itself will become far more useful to you. It is located next to the left Ctrl key on most keyboards and you will find that you will be able to quickly familiarise yourself with the following shortcuts.

Windows Key + Tab
This shortcut is available if you have one of the many Aero visual themes enabled in your control panel. It will cycle through your open windows and programs in the same way that pushing Alt + Tab would do, except it takes advantage of the power of modern computers to present the open windows in a cascade of 3D tiles.

Windows Key + Arrow Keys
If you want to resize, move, minimise or restore a window which you are working on without having to take your hands from the keyboard then the arrow keys can be used in conjunction with the Windows Key to do all of this. Just hold the Windows Key and then pressing down will minimise the open window, up will maximise it and left or right will automatically snap it to the left or right hand side of your screen.

Windows Key + Space
This shortcut will quickly reveal your desktop, turning all open windows and programs transparent in the process.

Windows Key + G
If you have a whole host of desktop gadgets open and active in Windows 7, then this shortcut will grab them and put them all to the top as well as ordering them for ease of access.

There are many other ways to get the most out of Windows 7 without resorting to keyboard shortcuts. For example, if you want to snap an open window to one side whilst simultaneously resizing it to fill half of the screen, then all you need to do is grab it with your mouse and move it off to the requires side. This is great if you regularly view documents and web pages side by side when using your mobile broadband connection whilst out and about. and

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